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December 20, 2015

4:00 PM

Sweeney Concert Hall
Smith College

Northampton, MA



Everything In Its Right Place

SYBARITE5 had quickly established a reputation for questioning audiences' perceptions of "What is music?" and "Who plays what?" Inspired by the alternative band Radiohead, the Quintet continues to push the boundaries of what is concert music. Everything In Its Right Place brings it all full circle in a cohesive showcase of SYBARITE5's regular playlist, including music by Radiohead, Piazzolla, Mozart and Brubeck, as well as groundbreaking new compositions for the group by Jessica Meyer, Shawn Conley,

Dan Visconti and Andy Akiho, the latter of which whose work "Revolve" was commissioned with a grant from the Chamber Music America.


To hear a musical clip:

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"Expect an experience that will satisfy your inner rock star and your secret Mozart."

—Arizona Daily Star

“Their rock star status... is well deserved... Their classically honed technique mixed with grit and all out passionate attack transfixes the audience, whether on Piotr Szewczyk’s “The Rebel” or Radiohead’s “Weird Fishes.”

— Sarasota Herald Tribune

"SYBARITE5 is a New York – based group of gifted young string musicians who have gained a reputation for juxtaposing the likes of Stravinsky with Radiohead, or Dvorák with Led Zeppelin. But that doesn't even begin to describe the range of their eclecticism or the depth of their repertoire."

—Strings Magazine








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