Sweeney Concert Hall in Sage Hall

Green Street (off Rte. 66, a couple of blocks from Main Street) at Smith College in Northampton.

Sage Hall is home to the Smith College Music Department. 

Sweeney Concert Hall, located in Sage Hall is heralded as one of the best concert halls on the East Coast. The comfortable, spacious hall seats more than 600, and its broad stage can readily accommodate the needs of a diverse range of performances, from solo recitals to large choral and orchestral ensembles. Sweeney's excellent acoustics are suitable for both vocal and instrumental performances.



Sweeney Concert Hall


Parking for Sweeney Concert Hall is available at the following locations:

1.  Green Street.

2.  The Smith Parking Garage, 42 West Street, in the white spaces on levels 2 & 3. There is an elevator.     

     Parking is free.

3.  Smith faculty parking lots are available on Fridays after 5 p.m., all day Saturday and Sunday.

     The most convenient ones are:


       The Dickinson Lot on Green Street diagonally across from Ford Hall Science Center, 

       The Ainsworth Lot, just below Sweeney Concert Hall -- take a left at the end of Green Street,

       after the roundabout. 

4.  There is a small parking lot on Arnold Avenue -- take a right off West Street.

5.  West Street -- City of Northampton parking lot near Arnold Avenue.

6.  There is a parking lot behind Forbes Library, on the left just before the turn onto West Street.

     (Route 66).

Please be aware that sometimes there will be other events happening at the same time as Music In Deerfield concerts, in which case parking will be more scarce.  Please allow for that.







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